M Street

M Street

A weekly podcast of Mercy Street Reformed Church. Mercy Street Reformed is a Denver area church plant of the RCUS (Reformed Church in the United States). On this podcast you will learn Reformed teaching from Pastor Chris Moulton. Initially the podcast will make its way through the Heidelberg Catechism - a faithful summary of the Bible (God's Word).

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    M Street Episode 24

    God's providence extends to everything and everybody however, the comfort that it affords is exclusive to those that have the gift of saving faith.

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    M Street Episode 23

    Not only does God's providence uphold and govern inanimate objects and irrational creatures, but it also upholds and governs all of mankind.

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    M Street Episode 22

    God's providence extends to everything - including inanimate objects, animals, angels, and us.

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    M Street Episode 21

    Is it merely by chance that you're reading this, or is it within God's providence that causes you to be doing so?

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    M Street Episode 20

    "God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth" is the subject of this week's episode, and what an important subject it is!

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    M Street Episode 19

    God has revealed Himself to us in His Word as One, and at the same time as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Based on that revelation we have no right or reason to seek to make Him out to be otherwise.

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    M Street Podcast Episode 18

    The Bible teaches that there is only One true and living God even though there are many deities that people worship in this world. So, who's right - the world, or God's Word?

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    M Street Episode 17

    The beginning words of the Apostles' Creed are, "I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth..." Even just the first four words of that confession, namely "I believe in God..." are what Pastor Chris Moulton considers in this week's episode.

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    M Street Episode 16

    "I don't need creeds or confessions - just give me the Bible!" That kind of CONFESSION has been used before by many, but in this week's episode Pastor Chris Moulton discuses why that's a foolish statement and why we need the sound biblical teaching which many of the historic creeds and confessions of the church provide.

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    M Street Episode 15

    What is true faith? We often confuse hope with faith but, true faith (even the kind that saves us from our sin) rests upon the foundation of God's word with a sure knowledge and a hearty trust that what is says is true. In this episode Pastor Moulton teaches on the subject of true, saving faith.

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